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"On Roads" CD 
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"On Roads" was recorded in 2008 and released in January, 2009. It features 15 songs, 12 of which are original.

Song List & Samples
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Song List
1) The Going Up and Coming Down
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
2) Mercy Of This Road
(Words: Mike Tremblay / Music:Mike Tremblay, Robert Evans)
3) Good To See You Again
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
4) Childhood Waltz
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
5) One More Cup Of Coffee (The Valley Below)
(Words & Music: Bob Dylan)
6) Love Isn't Enough
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
7) Stuff That Works
(Words & Music: Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell)
8) Walking Out Of The Blues
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
9) Just Want To Be With You
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
10) Only A Hobo
(Words & Music: Bob Dylan)
11) She Saids, She Smiles
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
12) Nature's Ring
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
13) For Sunny
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
14) Just Like The Wind
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)
15) Who's Crying Now
(Words & Music: Mike Tremblay)

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Song Lyrics & Details (Liner Notes)

"On Roads" Book 1
"On Roads" Book 1
"On Roads" Book 3
"On Roads" Book 4
"On Roads" Book 5
"On Roads" Book 6
"On Roads" Inside

Some reviews...
Wonderful classic folk CD
Highly influenced by the roots of American music, Tremblay Evans delivers a well polished batch of folk songs on their recent CD "On Roads." This trio’s songwriting style reflects the old Americana sounds, by just simply describing everyday life and what we all go through. The overall band tone also has a great 60’s throwback sound and only features guitar, harmonica, banjo and mandolin. "Love Isn’t Enough" is a standout track that eloquently mixes the writing style of Woody Guthrie and the vocal impressions of Buddy Holly. Another notable track is "The Coming Up and Going Down," a song that tells the tale of the average person and what transpires throughout their life. "On Roads" is a perfect listen for anyone who enjoys the classic folk sounds of the 1960’s.

Tremblay Evans CD
On Roads is a great collection of masterfully written songs with wonderful three-part harmonies throughout the project.
Jeff Williams - Melodic Promotions

Tremblay Evans "On Roads"
Over all the production is very consistent, meaning the songs sound like they go together and the flow from up to down, slow to fast, more to less effects is very natural.
Going Up and Coming Down - Cheerful sound to start the album with a bang. The feel is bright with the harmonies, but there is a serious message when one listens to the lyrics.
Mercy of the Road - Exciting use of reverb to create a rich, thick sound that complements the meaning.
Good to See You Again - Bravo on the prominent banjo. V-IV-I is one of my favorite progressions. And of course we appreciate the friendship theme.
Childhood Waltz - A pretty tune and it really shows off your "signature sound": 12-string continuo with Joyce's background vocal.
One More Cup of Coffee - nice cover of Dylan. Bob, delivers it with conviction.
Love Isn't Enough - I like the country feel with the bVII "outlaw" move. The lyrics a especially meaningful to me as Carol and I restructure our relationship now that I am retired - it's exciting!
Stuff That Works - Great, echo-y, spooky vocal intro to a favorite Guy Clark song. I have quite a few things that work myself!
Walking Out the Blues - Every album needs a blues tune. Your ballad tells the story with classic understatement so the listener figures out the emotions.
Only a Hobo - A sensitive cover of one of Dylan's most important songs. Fits with "For Sunny".
She Said, She Smiles - This song has always moved me. It is melodically beautiful and the sentiments very heartfelt. Thank you for putting it on your album.
Nature's Ring - A message that can't be stated too often or too strongly with 7 billion of us plundering the planet. Keep preaching the message, Brothers and Sisters!
For Sunny - What a sweet, sad story song. It reminds us of those we'd just as soon ignore. That reminds me of the folk tales about people asking God to come help them and not recognizing the hobo or crippled child or homeless family for what they really are: God's presence.
Just Like the Wind - Solid, swinging pulse to move down the road (literally or of life) to.
Who's Crying Now? - Very appropriate to end the album with your "signature sound". I smiled at the classic "crying in my beer", country lyrics.

James Foerch - Grand River Folk Arts Society

About your new CD
I got a copy of Tremblay Evans CD yesterday. I get lots of CD's from local musicians. I am impressed with the quality of the entire package. Congratulations on a good job.
Tom Wilson - Blue Water Sound

Tremblay Evans "On Roads" CD
I just noticed your new album came out this Monday on cd baby. I checked out your tunes and they sound great! I just wanted to introduce myself and wish you luck with your new record.
Will - Snow Runner Productions

"On Roads"
Many Sincere Thanks for the CD "On Roads" that you sent us recently. BRILLIANT - EXCELLENT We have enjoyed it immensely, and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up. Many thanks again.
Graham J Barclay, Napier, New Zealand - Soundwave FM

Your CD "On Roads" has received a great response from our Presenters and Listeners. We are looking forward to hearing more from Tremblay Evans.
Geof Cartledge, West Gippsland Community Radio, Drouin Victoria Australia

Great CD, already gave it a lot of airplay in several programs of our radiostation (and we will give it in the future).
Harry Boerman - Veluwe FM

Tremblay Evans "On Roads" CD
Nice work by all on this disc full of "Stuff That Works". Very easy on the ear but still get's the feet tappin'. Good stuff and we look forward to the next one.
George Young - Country Club Productions

Radio Indy Award

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