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"Life's Short Song" CD 
"Life's Short Song" CD cover

"Life's Short Songs" was recorded December, 2019 through in March, 2020. I had a few tracks I wanted someone to add intruments to, but the virus hit. I am not sure when it is going to be released.

Song List & Samples...

 1) Life's Short Song - Beginnings
 2) Country Grass
 3) So Many Miles Away
 4) Love Glass
 5) Wish I Had Knew It
 6) Michigan Rain
 7) Life’s Short Song
 8) It'll Be Alright
 9) I Think I’m In Love (The Blah, Blah Song)
10) Bonfires in Vein
11) Just Want To Be With You
12) Inspiration
13) Then They Came For Me (Friedrich Niemöller / Mike Tremblay)
14) Blessings
15) Damaged Glory
16) Last Chance Motel
17) Coyotes And Loons
18) Sylvia's Mother (Shel Silverstein)
19) Remember Me (Scotty Wiseman)
20) Michigan Wind (Guy Clark, Shawn Camp)
21) Traditional Lexington Waltz
22) Remember Me (Excerpt from 1940 recording by Lulu Belle & Scotty)
23) Traditional Lexington Waltz - End

All Songs Written by Mike Tremblay unless indicated

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CD Notes

"Life's Short Song" CD Notes

Song Notes

"Life's Short Song" Song Notes - 1
"Life's Short Song" Song Notes - 2

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