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Thumb Folks - "At Berry Pickin' Time" 
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"At Berry Pickin' Time" was recorded in April, 2006 in three sessions by Dan Allen at Kanvas Studios in Carsonville, Michigan. It was mixed & mastered by Dan.

Song List & Samples...

 1) Berry Pickin' Time (Traditional)
 2) Big Rock Candy Mountain (Traditional)
 3) Sure Can Hurt (M.Tremblay)
 4) Nobody Knows You (Traditional)
 5) In The Camping Suburbs (M.Tremblay)
 6) Those Days (B.Wood)
 7) I Imagine (M.Tremblay)
 8) Stir That Pudding (T.Schlichting)
 9) Stay At Home Daddy (D.Hazlett)
10) So Many Miles Away (M.Tremblay)
11) Special Delivery Blues (S.Wallace)
12) Singles Night At The Blood Bank (M.Tremblay)
13) Tell Her I've Gone To Be A Big Star (D.Barnett)
14) The Thumb Of Michigan (T.Schlichting)
15) People Like You (M.Tremblay)

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