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This site is the central hub of things going on in my life.
On the eastern most tip of Isle Royale, Michigan looking toward Passage Island
Isle Royale Info Logo

This is a separate website dedicated to Isle Royale National Park located in Lake Superior. It contains information on the park, links and information on planning a trip there. It also has information on a book I have written with details on the park, trail descriptions, campsite descriptions and much more.

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This a a separate website dedicated to my live sound company. We specialize in doing live sound in the festival environment. We can also do multi-track recording of the show.
Quad includes a multi-track recording studio located in a dedicated "sound-proof" room located in my house with complete mixing and mastering. I have recorded, mixed and mastered several CD's.

My Music

My Music
I have always loved music and have been playing and since I was young. I played a bit live in groups before putting it on the back burner with a wife and kids, but I have always played and written songs. In 2000, I began playing out and made a pretty good go at it for 10 years solo and with two different groups; "Thumb Folks" & "Tremblay Evans". With the end of "Tremblay Evans", I stopped persuing and booking shows as it is a lot of work and I was burned out. I continued to play at events,"jams” at music festivals and, of course writing new songs, but stopped playing at scheduled events. This "sabatical" ended in 2019, when I started booking "solo" shows again. This page contains information on my music past and present.

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This is a separate website I maintain and a group I am a member of. Sanilac Consortium for the Arts supports the development of skills and talents in the performing and fine arts and helps provide opportunities to display those talents in Sanilac County. We are a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation headquartered in Port Sanilac since 1987.

Mike Tremblay

This page contains things important to me on a personal level. This includes my writing, family, occupation and more.